My Skills

If you aren't moving forwards, then you are falling behind. Here are the skills I know at the moment. I am on a mission to master more.

I am in the process of updating this page. Please get in touch if you want to learn more...


These are skills I use everyday and believe I have mastered.


C# .NET is my language of choice and is what I use to write most of my code.

I have been working with C# now for about 6 years, before that I worked predominantly with VB.NET.

SQL Server

I have been working with SQL Server for a very long time so I am fluent in writing SQL and maintaining SQL Server.

More recently I have been using SQL Azure a great deal because of my involvement in Microsoft Azure.


I write a lot of HTML, every day, I also have a lot of experience in using online tools to optimise my HTML in relation too performance, accessibility and improving SEO.

CSS is my favourite markup language, I enjoy creating easy to use and good looking interfaces and my skills within CSS help me to deliver that.

I am pretty experienced in using .LESS and SASS but I prefer not using pre-processors.


I was introduced to Bootstrap 2 years ago and loved it, I now tend to use Bootstrap wherever possible to speed up development and keep user interfaces consistent.

Microsoft Azure

I wanted to host my own personal projects more professionally so I decided to move away from Shared Hosting Services and towards Microsoft Azure.

I have now been using Microsoft Azure for over a year, experimenting with Virtual Machines but more predominantly using Azure Web Apps and SQL Azure.

I currently maintain 8 websites on Microsoft Azure and I can build services from scratch in very little time.


For the past 3 years I have been predominantly a web developer. I picked up MVC about 2 years ago and now feel I know all there is to know about it.

I even find that I can figure out what went wrong without looking at the code most of the time.

Entity Framework

Entity Framework is key in my stack both at work and in my personal projects. It gets bad press sometimes for the SQL it generates, but I think it helps you to write quality code.


These are skills I use very often and know a great deal about.


I use TeamCity a lot at work and find myself able to create builds from scratch and optimise existing builds for speed.

I am pretty handy at diagnosing what went wrong too.


I use JavaScript a lot in my web projects.

A lot of my time working in JavaScript is used enhancing the user experience by providing client side functionality.

I occasionally use third party libraries in my functionality, but I prefer to write my JavaScript myself - so tend to create my own widgets and re use them.


I use NUnit both personally and professionally to Unit Test my code.


About a year ago I decided to get a bit more involved in the Open Source scene, so I setup on GitHub and now share my own projects with others.

The technology I wrote, that this website is built in (Portal CMS) is available on GitHub too.


I have used a load of different source control technologies, but Git is far and away my favourite. I use Git on a day to day basis at work and in my own personal projects which are hosted on GitHub and Visual Studio Online.

I have also written several applications that programmatically perform actions with a GIT Repository, like committing changes and integrating them back into the main line.

Visual Studio Online

I use VSO in both a professional and personal capacity. My uses include working in the Backlog tool, utilising the Source Control Integration and using the performance testing tools.


I have used Dapper in several projects in lieu of using Entity Framework.


I have recently been using Web API at home and at work, looking to master this technology soon.

Notable Mentions

These are skills I use occasionally, am learning about or have used in the past.


I have used NuGet Package Manager for years as a consumer - adding other peoples packages to my own solutions.

Recently I have been experimenting with making my own packages available, when I find functionality that can be broken away from a project - I now write a library and list it on NuGet for other developers to use.

Travis CI

Continuous Integration is popular right now, I learned about Travis CI in a drive to make my GitHub repositories more popular.

People trust tested software, so using Travis CI, my own personal projects are fully tested too.

Azure Automation

Because I have been using SQL Azure a lot, I needed to learn about Azure Automation - because SQL Azure does not support SQL Agent.

I now use Azure Automation Runbooks and PowerShell to automate tasks on my websites all day every day.

Glimpse / App Insights

I use a wide variety of Logging and Analytic Software to maintain my websites.

The ones I use the most are Glimpse, Application Insights and Google Analytics.

Internet Advertising

I have experimented with several advertising providers including Google Adwords, Facebook and Reddit.


I use SendGrid a lot in my personal work, SendGrid is an email delivery and analytical service. I favour using SendGrid as opposed to hosting my own Mail Server (which I have done in the past).

Orchard CMS

I used Orchard CMS for about a year at work, even attending the annual Orchard Harvest conference in Alicante. But I don't tend to work in Orchard CMS very often anymore.


I use BlazeMeter occasionally when I try to evaluate the performance impact of new code. Often targetting my Azure Web Apps.

OpenText MBPM

I used OpenText MBPM for 3 years. I used MBPM to write internal Batch Processing systems and external ones business process systems too.

I don't tend to use MBPM much anymore.

Azure Storage

I have recently spent some time investigating and implementing Azure Storage, using Blob Storage and SAS Keys.


I am currently in the process of learning AngularJS at work. Working with Angular 1.4 and MVC.

Get in Touch

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