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Portal CMS - Page Builder Demo

Portal CMS is my latest technology, this article shows a video demonstration of the new technology in action.

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Author: Tom McClean

Updated: 15 Jul 2016 09:58

I spoke briefly about Portal CMS in my recent blog post about my website relaunch. As the technology is getting better on a daily basis, I wanted to put up a video showing how it works to demonstrate the work so far.



Portal CMS is a pretty big project, one of the biggest personal projects I have embarked upon to date, pulling in lessons learnt from several websites I have published over the last couple of years. But one of the elements of Portal CMS I am happiest with so far is the Page Builder. So this post is to demonstrate how the page builder works in its most basic form so far.


I built this entire website using the page builder which is demonstrated, and I intend to continue growing it for the foreseable future so that it can reduce the time it takes to get my "interesting" project ideas to fruition. At the moment it is basic, supporting only a few different templated sections and a handful of components, but in time this will grow to be able to create the most diverse and unique of websites possible within my technical ability which is ever increasing.


Right now my priority is on continuing to develop the technology, as opposed to the content within it. This includes making sure all requests are Ajax based so that the page does not need to reload following changes requested by the user. I am also putting a lot of focus into refactoring some of my early code to improve performance as much as possible, but it performs pretty well so far.


The page builder is just one part of Portal CMS, that provides the ability to create pages from scratch using just a click or a tap. It is completely mobile responsive and involves no coding at all.


The Page builder allows users to use bootstrap components and customised html elements to build a page that looks exactly how they like. You can actually create an entire website within the Page Builder, as it does not require a developer to create any Controllers or Views. The routing performed by the site is completely user driven and dynamic.


What do you think about Portal CMS so far? In the next few days I will create a similiar demo for the administration back end to compliment this front end page builder video.


If you want to try out Portal CMS or contribute code to its development - I decided to host it publically on GitHub instead of being stored in my private repositories. You can check it out on GitHub here - https://github.com/tommcclean/PortalCMS