Project launch: Shine

There are lots of applications out there for managing lists and tasks, but for my current personal project I wanted to try and build a better one. I am now launching the project, read on to learn more...

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Author: Tom McClean

Updated: 10 Dec 2018 21:21

Try out Shine today at

As somebody who tends to use technology to help me organise my life on a daily basis, I have flitted between several to-do based applications over the years. But given I use them so frequently I thought it would be quite fitting to write one myself.

So out of that idea Shine was born, a web based application that works seamlessly on all devices and takes the effort out of staying organised.


I was also able to take this opportunity to build my first project in VueJS, which is a front end javascript framework I am really keen on using. The entire tech stack for this project is pretty bleeding edge, VueJS, .NETCore Web API, EFCore all hosted on Microsoft Azure.

My approach for this project on the front end was to keep it simple, clean and minimalist. Not over pack it with features most people would never use, but tie in the right features in the right places. So its pretty simple to use and follows this workflow.

  • You sign into the website.

  • Create a list about something which is important to you, or just to plan out tomorrow.

  • Create all of the tasks you think need to be done.

  • One by one complete the tasks and check them off in Shine.

  • When Shine detects that your list is complete, it will prompt you to complete it - to remove any clutter.

  • You can always go back and find your completed lists in the search, if you want to remember what you did in the past.

  • We allow the user to customise the way their lists look - so they look personal, and we drive you to complete them - without being annoying and spammy.

I am considering adding a form of list sharing in future, but this will come post launch.

So the project is now up, and I will be monitoring analytics to see which features are worth adding in future.

Fancy giving shine a go? Its totally free, you can find it at


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