What am I working on these days?

This post is just a brief update about what I am spending my development time working on recently.

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Author: Tom McClean

Updated: 08 Mar 2017 18:30

Its cold, wet, dark and depressing. No I am not talking about my career prospects - I am surviving Winter. In these cold dark days I am still plugging away writing software so I thought it would be worthwhile writing a quick post to talk about what I am working on at the moment.


During the day I am still working at River Agency in Gloucester.

At work I am mostly developing .NET MVC Web Projects in the Business Intelligence sphere, looking forward to a future project that is coming up that includes Web API because that is one of the technologies I have had on my learning list for a while so it will be nice to tick it off the list!

One of the highlights of my time at work recently include learning about Azure Blob Storage - writing a utility that pushes files into an Azure Storage Account (in the EU and China) and gets secured SAS links to download them again - all accessed from within an MVC Site.


During the night I am still working on my Portal CMS project which is really coming along now, I am getting to the phase in the project where I am begining to start finessing the technology. My intention is to complete the next release over the course of the next few weeks because I want to start using it for commercial means.

Some recent highlights within Portal CMS include learning how to optimise the code as much as possible to ensure the source has as small a footprint as possible. I have also been working heavily on the User Experience side by reducing the number of events that require posts backs. Right now for example you can build a complete and unique web page in about 20 seconds without writing a single line of code; all optimised for the modern industry by being dirt cheap and impressively quick to host on Azure.


I am looking forward to starting a new project that will enable me to use Portal CMS commercially by trying to bring a valuable service directly to consumers via a website. Its a project I nearly developed in the past - but decided it was better to build Portal CMS first to enable me to be able to develop multiple websites in a ridiculously short amount of time.


I can't post any examples of my development from work because I am under an NDA that prevents me from doing so, but I have put some images from my personal development work into the gallery on this post!

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