Tom McClean

Software Developer Extraordinaire and Techology Enthusiast from Worcester, United Kingdom

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I live in Worcester, UK where I also attended School, College and University.


I work as a Software Developer at River Agency in Gloucestershire.


I often play Football and Tennis, I am a Leicester City FC Fan.


I listen to most music, typically Alternative, Drum and Bass and Soundtracks.

Current Playlist: Muse


I am an avid PC Gamer with a rig to prove it, often playing FPS and Simulation Games.

Now Playing: Rocket League


I am normally working on something interesting at home. I build websites to master new technologies.

Working On: VueJS and DotNetCore

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.

Vince Lombardi


From time to time I write blog posts that cover my thoughts and technologies I am developing or trying out.

A problem well stated is a problem half solved.

Charles Kettering


I am always working on a personal project, sometimes I am trying to master a new technology or simply build technology to help others use the web. Some of my recent projects are listed below.


Portal CMS is a free content management technology with an integrated Page Builder. I built it to help me ship website ideas quickly and to get involved in the Open Source scene.

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Personal Website

I built this website to give myself a home online from which to write blog posts and provide a way for people to contact me or find my various profiles.

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Coming Soon

I am working on a new project using VueJS and Web API which I am going to launch as a B2C product as opposed to an Open Source Tool.


Thank you for visiting my website, if you have any comments or questions for me then please feel free to contact me below. I will get back to you shortly if you leave your email address.