Thomas William McClean

Software Developer extraordinaire and technology enthusiast now living and working in Bristol

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I have lived in Worcester for most of my life, but I recently started living in Bristol.


I recently started working as a Senior Software Engineer at Just Eat


I often play Football and go running, I am a LCFC fan and ferociously competitive.


I listen to most music genres, typically Alternative, Drum and Bass and Soundtracks.

Whats on: Epic Soundtracks


I'm an avid PC Gamer with a rig to prove it, often playing FPS and Simulation Games.

Playing: Rocket League and Cities Skylines


I am normally working on something interesting at home. I build websites to master new technologies.

Working On: VueJS, .NET Core Web API

Project launch: Shine

I am pleased to announce that my latest personal project: "Shine" has now been launched.  I am now in the phase of learning from analytics to identify ways I can drive traffic and increase the user-base. Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think!

Visit ShineProject.IO


I am always working on a personal project, sometimes I am trying to master a new technology or simply build websites to help others using the web. Some of my recent projects are listed below.

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Shine is my current project. A VueJS Spa backed with a .NET Core Web API. Its a responsive website that allows you to manage lists and tasks to stay organised! Its a work in progress...

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Portal CMS is a free content management technology with an integrated Page Builder. I built it to help me ship website ideas quickly and to get involved in the Open Source scene.

Visit repository...
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Personal Website

I built this website using PortalCMS to give myself a home online from which to write blog posts and provide a way for people to contact me or find my various profiles.

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A problem well stated is a problem half solved.

Charles Kettering


I have never been a heavy social media user, but recently I have been getting into it so I could learn from the features on each platform and apply it to my own work and projects.



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Thank you for visiting my website, if you have any comments or questions for me then please feel free to contact me below. I will get back to you shortly if you leave your email address.